Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Portfolio Update

Please check out my online portfolio for some new additions. It's all artwork I've done in the past year, just kept forgetting to add. All sections (illustrations, pencil portraits and digital art) have more than one addition. I appreciate your support!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wings - Illustration Friday...

It's been a very long time since I submitted an illustration to IF (via a different blog). I could not, however, ignore this entry, because I was already in the process of drawing it when I opened up the email from IF and found it eerily fitting. This was to be a personal drawing, inspired by some personal feelings of mine, and yet, here I find myself sharing it so publicly...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Get your copy today!

It is very exciting to see Sadie And The Rainbow Orb appearing on popular online retailers like Amazon and Barnes And Noble (at 28% off)!

The next and exciting step would be to see it on book store shelves.  Please let me know if you've had a Sadie sighting.  Also, if you've ordered a copy, please don't forget to review it on Amazon or B&N, ratings help spread the word and we want this book's message to spread!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sadie And The Rainbow Orb is completed!

My labor of love has not been in vain.  Finally, I have completed and published my latest book, Sadie And The Rainbow Orb!
 You can purchase it here, at any time, but it will soon be available worldwide on all of Amazon's websites, and I am also waiting to hear back on when it will be available in stores.  It is all very exciting!

All that I am waiting for is for it to gain some popularity.  When that happens, I wish to donate a percentage of the proceeds to an anti-bullying campaign.  That will only be possible when the book is popular enough for those proceeds to make a dent!  So, please pass it on, it's for a great cause!  Spread the love!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Sadie And The Rainbow Orb - Art Contest

Submit your sketches, paintings or digital art! Your artwork could win a chance to be featured in the children's book, Sadie And The Rainbow Orb as one of the many pieces of art on Sadie's wall. I am looking to fill in the empty drawings on her wall on a couple of pages in the book, so this is a chance for many and all artists to submit their work.

- Artwork must be mainly black & white, but can be any medium. You may also submit black and white drawings with a touch of color, but not too much.
- Artwork must be submitted to by April 1st. Must be a clear and crisp copy of the artwork.
- Can be a photograph or scanned image as long as it can be submitted by email.
- Quite a few will be selected, but it is limited. We apologize in advance if your drawing is not selected.

What you will win:
- Your work will appear on one of a few illustrations in the book, "Sadie And The Rainbow Orb".
- Credit will be given to you in the book in the form of a larger version of your submission (since the Sadie drawings will be reduced to fit the frames) with your name and/or website.
- A FREE autographed print in full color of a Sadie illustration from the artist.


Inspiration for your entries:
"Besides reading books, Sadie loves to draw.
Her sketches and paintings would leave you in awe.

But, there is one thing that wouldn’t surprise you.
Her artwork is colorless. No red, green or blue."
 And later in the story:
"Now, Sadie, with some color, her art has enhanced."

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Angel And The Samurai Book

I am pleased to announce the release of another children's book that I've illustrated.
Angel And The Samurai - Book 1 - Searching For The Sword by R.K. Takeda is a heartwarming adventure for children of all ages.  This was a fun story to depict with my art, which is a mix of freehand and digital work.

The book is now available via the US, Canadian and UK Amazon websites.
Here is a link to US Amazon site:

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Latest

First off, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and I wish you all a wonderful 2012.  We could all use a better year, no?

I just wanted to come in here and share a couple of new updates on my website.  I've added a few new illustrations to my online portfolio.  One of which is a holiday card design that I entered into a contest.  I'm proud to say that it won!

While you're in my portfolio, you might notice that I've moved a few items around.  The navigation menu is now on your left instead of on top.  I thought t was probably too confusing up on top, so I hope this way it is easier to navigate.

I've also added a new book that I illustrated, "Ava and Alexis - First Day of Ballet", written by Annette Oquendo.  It is available for purchase on Amazon.

I plan on adding more and more of my work.  Please keep your eyes peeled for new updates.  I will be adding another children's book I completed illustrating last month as soon as it is published.  I will also be beginning a new children's book project.  I've written a story and just have to illustrate it and publish it.  I hope to have that project completed by late spring, early summer.  Wish me luck!

Well, I hope all is well with everyone and hope you have a wonderful end of 2011!

Much Love,
Michelle Hewitt